Friday, November 9, 2007

Hamilton Life

Well life has certainly moved on and we are now all living under one roof in the house in Hamilton.
Therefore I will not be posting to this blog anymore.
If you want to know what we are now up to in our new life in Hamilton then skip on over here and catch up with us anytime.
Thanks for sharing with us during our moving time.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Steve Moves In

This weekend we took Steve to Hamilton so he could start his new job.
Poor boy has to rough it in the house for 3 weeks until I move down with the boys and the furniture!
So all our camping equipment has come in handy, sleeping on a blow up mattress and using plastic plates and cups!

As the pictures show, it looks like a student rental where people have just placed a mish mash of furniture into the house.

This is the dining area with the kitchen. The lounge and master bedroom is through the far door at the end.

The boys 2 rooms and bathroom is through the door from the kitchen. This is also where the laundry is.

This little part of deck is at the back of the house and is enclosed a little, although Steve informs me when the wind is blowing it is like a wind trap there! It is clean and tidy and suitable for us until we find somewhere to buy for ourselves, although we are not in any hurry as we want to get the feel for the place, good and bad areas, schools etc

So next year we will buy.

Monday, September 17, 2007


We met with the lady that looks after the house we are renting in Hamilton this weekend.
We have officially signed all the papers, so the house is now ours, well apart from meeting to get the keys from her in 2 weeks time.

We don't actually want the place until Sept 29, so we really couldn't get the keys 2 weeks early and not pay rent for the place, but hey it suits us as we don't need the place before then.

So all is going good.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


We have the daunting task ahead of us of packing up our home and moving it over 100 kms south.
The thought of doing this, with 2 boys, is very daunting and I know it will take a very long time just doing it at night! Only time when they won't bug me and I can get it done in peace.

So we got some quotes from different companies about their services and what they could offer us.
You had the plain simple movers, who would come and take everything you had packed, load it into a van, drive it to Hamilton and then empty out into your house the other end, all in one day and no nice stuff along the way. Pretty basic for $1200.
This is how we thought we might do it, cheap and simple.

Then just for a laugh we got someone to come and give us a quote from a very nice company who would give you the pleasure of packing up your house for you, yes that is right, they would come in and spend the whole day individually wrapping your glasses and ornaments, and would even wrap your larger furniture items so they don't get damaged!
They would then load the truck and deliver it to Hamilton and then empty the boxes and put it all away and remove all rubbish.
So that means how the unit in the dinning room looked in Auckland is how it will look in Hamilton when they have finished.
WOW, we thought, but yea how much would that all cost??
I was thinking maybe $5000+?
$3000 all up...can you believe that, no I couldn't either, so I called and checked and discussed what this cost meant and yep that is all correct.
So guess which company we are going with?
You got it, the relaxing do nothing service, I am very happy to let them come in and do it all.
That means that I have all those nights in October when I thought I would be packing to just concentrate on the boys and making sure things are tidy ready for the packers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The sign says it all

Monday, September 10, 2007


The Lawyer called today to say that we have had verbal announcement from the vendor's Lawyer to say everything is fine with the LIM Report and the Builder's Report so we have gone UNCONDITIONAL.

Yea, everything is flowing nicely.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some where to live

By 6.30 we still hadn't heard anything from the people about renting their house, so we called them.
She said that there were some students who were quite persistent, but her husband and other tenant (who had showed us the house to begin with) both liked us and so WE GOT IT!

So we have somewhere to live in Hamilton.
It is in Hamilton East, which is just across the river from the hospital, close to the Hamilton Gardens, a place I know we will spend a lot of time.
About 5 minutes from Pak n Save and 10 mins down the road from the Events Centre.

So overall we are very happy, still not sure where the chest freezer is going to fit, neither my sewing table?? But we will face all that when we move in, at least we have somewhere to live that is the most important part.


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