Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Have We Done !

About 18 months ago, Steve gave a presentation to Waikato Hospital about the computer programme he is currently working with - Pims (or iPIMs as it is now known as by Isoft.)
They were well impressed and kept dropping hints about whether he would like work for them.
For about a year following this he had several conversations via email concerning this job they had spoken of, but as Steve knew they were now in project faze, he knew it would take a while.
Finally at the beginning of this year, someone called him to see if he was still interested.
They also said that the job had now gone to the next level and that they were looking at where the job would sit, who would look after it, money wise, and generally hash out the finer details.

In April this year they sent through some details to Steve and said this is what they were taking to the General Manager next week, will hopefully get the green light and then they would be in touch again.

In June they got in touch and Steve suggested that they have a meet and greet, so on Thursday 28th June we drove to Hamilton for the day. The boys and I had a drive round and a lovely time in the Hamilton Gardens, whilst Steve had a 2 hour meeting with the people at the hospital.
We came away with even more questions and again the thought that we were about to put our lives on hold until we knew the next outcome.

This came 2 weeks later when they called Steve for a interview, so on Wednesday 18th July, he drove down to Hamilton and had a lovely interview with the people.
He says they asked all the right questions that he was expecting and he was impressed with the answers they gave to the questions that he asked. They said they would be in touch soon.

So the wait began again, although by 4pm the next day, they had rung and offered him the job.
Pending discussion about money and conditions etc he said YES.

So we are off to sunny foggy cold Hamilton.

We have a house to sort and sell here, we have a place to rent down there. I have a 3 month contract to finish, which finishes 3 weeks after Steve will start!!?
So much to do, and so little time.

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